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P6 Academy has done a lot for me. When I first started doing Gatka, I used to cut my hair. As I kept going to class after class, the teachers taught me the true meaning of Gatka and how to live a proper Sikh life. After a while, I started to keep my hair because of P6 Academy and for the past 5 years, P6 Academy have stood right by my side. They have helped me with so much throughout the years and that’s why to this day, I still have a Dumalla on my head.

Gavin Singh

P6 Academy has blossomed my love for Sikhi through the Gurus authentic teachings. I have learnt the importance of Shasters and protecting others through Shaster Vidya as well as the correct pronunciation and meaning of Gurbani Santhia. All this knowledge has elevated my Sikhi and aided me in taking steps towards my Guru. P6 Academy has taken my lost soul and connected it with my Guru, something that I will forever be grateful for. I look forward to more students enrolling and taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Arunjot Singh

P6 Academy has aided my development in Sikhi by teaching me the importance of the Gurus teachings such as striving for physical fitness and spiritual growth by jaaping Naam. Getting together with my brothers and sisters at P6 Academy is something I always look forward to and has filled my life with purpose and prosperity. My experience in P6 Academy has been life changing and I am looking forward to seeing new faces learn and take on the path of the Guru.

Reham Singh

Patishahi 6 Academy has helped progressed my Sikhi from the very beginning always providing the support and encourgament that I need. Helping keep my Kesh and walk the path of the Guru. I cannot express in words how thankful I really am and the Guru truly knows what this has meant for me.

Gurinder Singh

Patshahi 6 academy has been a highlight of my journey in Sikhi so far. For me it was the weekly push and encouragement in the right direction that kept me coming back for more. The fellow students and young ones and the mentors all made it feel like a family. P6 offered the optimum environment to strengthen mine and my family's ties with sikhi and with our Gurus.

Kirandeep Kaur

Learning at P6 academy has been an incredible experience, especially it is humbling to learn shastar vidhiya and learn the principles of sikhi from a young age. It is inspiring to aqquire the knowledge of the sangat and embrace the values they esteem. P6 academy had a major connection to enhance the devotion with sikhi spiritually, whilst nurturing the students and conforming to the values our Gurus have taught us through out centuries. It reinforced for me to improve my perspective of life and cherish the valuable lessons taught. With the Guru's blessing P6 academy will withhold great opportunitys for the sangat and spread the Vidhiya, and flourish the desire to learn about sikhi in the khalsa panth.

Harsimar Kaur

Being able to represent P6 academy has been a valuable experience. Not only has it enhanced my fitness by attending lessons weekly but, the lessons of shastar vidhiya have inevitably driven us to blossom into disciplined, enthusiastic and resilient individuals. Learning a variety of sakhiya of our history are inspiring and empowering to all students. Being surrounded in a warm environment with a mixture of years helps us all to learn things from each other. P6 provide a wide range of opportunities to enhance our skills by promoting teamwork by helping others in their learning as well as enabling us to participate in charity events. Most importantly, what I admire most is that there is one shared vision at P6: learning to embed principles of sikhi in our journey to maintain being spiritual individuals.

Samanpreet Kaur

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