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We are raising £150,000 to create a world-class online platform that hosts structured courses for spiritual and temporal learning.

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P6 Academy has been providing weekly classes in Wolverhampton (UK) for the past 5 years interacting with thousands of students. In that time, we have found one recurring theme. There was not enough on offer for students to immerse themselves in Sikhi.

The lack of Gurmat Vidya is exactly what limits our development [as a community]”

There is only so much you can expect from students who have limited access to Gurmat Vidya but unlimited access to everything else (especially YouTube!). Whilst at times the lack of commitment was frustrating, we felt the responsibility was on us to make a difference. We started to think about using the internet as a means to engage students further.


When the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a halt, it encouraged us to go ahead with our plans for an online academy. After much research and deliberation, we quickly realised the costs associated with building and sustaining a VLE that would be suitable for students and teachers alike.

We decided to fundraise £30,000, in June 2020, as we truly believed (and still do!) that the VLE is a generational tool for the community.

Since then, we have been busy building a team to design and develop the first stages of the VLE”

We are proud to say, one year on, we are now at a stage where the VLE has been built and students are enrolling for testing purposes.

We’ve seen the immense potential of this project, and now WE’RE BACK asking the community to join in with our next round of fundraising”


Effective learning management will enable you to access supplementary resources, organise live lessons, monitor progress and safely interact with knowledgeable teachers all whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home!”

To ensure the VLE can reach its full potential, it’s crucial to have tailored resources for an online audience. To begin this process, we developed the first course of its kind, to display the VLEs capabilities. The first course takes students of all ages and abilities through the journey of Gurbani Santhia learning how to read & write Gurmukhi. This has entailed thousands of hours of scripting, recording, animating, and designing.

To facilitate learning, some courses will host live lessons utilising Zoom or Google Classroom which are integrated into the platform. Through an effective learning management system, the VLE will assign timetables to students enabling interaction with teachers. Safeguarding protocols such as regulated interaction, recorded lessons & administrative control are in place to ensure online safety.

To enhance the learning experience, teachers will utilise detailed progress reports & assessments to highlight weaknesses and develop your strengths!

To become learned in any area of Gurmat Vidya takes years of hard work and dedication – something we feel needs to be recognised. We want to create opportunities and sustainable incomes for knowledgeable teachers that align with the academy’s ethos.


Support now and together, WE will revolutionise the delivery of Gurmat Vidya worldwide!”

Thus far, we have spent £30,000 building the platform and creating the first course. This funding will enable us to develop further resources and get one step closer to becoming a globally accessible Gurmat Vidyala (learning hub). If you can see the vision and want to get involved, contribute to this fundraiser in whatever capacity you can. Beyond this, we are eager to work with like-minded members of the community who want to catalyse change.

Support now to make a difference!

Campaign Updates

Beta Version Now Live

September 4th, 2021

Why £150,000?

Why £150,000?

£150,000 may come across as an ambitious target but is it really? It would only take 1500 people in the world to give £100 to achieve it. This project belongs to the Guru and the potent bloodline of the Sikh. To develop and maintain a platform that can even attempt to do them justice is going to require funds. We hope that in the future, we are able to take on a more social enterprise approach where we use services like tuition to fund the platform. This is a project that benefits the community as such we have been completely transparent with where funds are used. Follow us on the journey to explore the 4 areas that have been allocated funds and continue to support by contributing to the fundraiser and sharing with all the news of a Virtual Learning Environment coming soon!

Support in anyway you can: www.justgiving.com/campaign/p6academy

September 5th, 2021

Learning Area Resources

September 6th, 2021

Raag Vidya

September 7th, 2021

Gurbani Vidya

September 8th, 2021

Shaster Vidya

September 9th, 2021


September 10th, 2021


September 11th, 2021

Professional Development

September 12th, 2021
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