KS1-4 English 
KS3-4 Sciences
(Biology, Chemistry and Physics) 

In the UK and most democratic nations worldwide, society is based around academic attainment. Performing well in exams enables greater opportunity when coming to vocational choices. Therefore, we feel it’s an essential facet of P6 Academy to provide Maths, English & Science tuition lessons for KS1-4 students. In collaboration with Tailored Teaching, we will be hosting planned tuition lessons taught by qualified teachers. Operating at a 3:1 & 1:1 student to teacher ratio, we aim to tailor the teaching to each individual. By providing excellent tuition at affordable rates, we hope to cater for as many students as possible.


In addition to KS1-4 tuition, P6 Academy further aims to host English & Punjabi communication classes (ECOL/PCOL), workshops, events, job fairs, careers advice amongst other beneficiary educational services. There is no limit to the number of potential services that could be provided under the umbrella of professional development.

The Guru has made us aware and steadfast in the recognition that education is key to success in any age. Modern-day society is shaped around education at all levels and thus, this has become an absolute MUST to allow greater choice in life decisions. Whether a student wishes to enrol in higher education or not, having top quality GCSE/A Level grades only improves an individuals potential in life. P6 Academy aims to ensure that educational classes supporting temporal attainment are available to the community.

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