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On the 16th of June we successfully raised £29,800 through our Spacehive Fundraiser. With these funds, we began the project of creating a Virtual Learning Environment for the Sikh Community and beyond. 

We faced much adversity on the way of achieving the target, not least because of the COVID-19 Pandemic crashing the economy, but in the end, through the grace of SatGuru Hargobind Sahib Ji, we were able to reach our target with weeks to spare! 

Since then, we have built a team to design and develop the primary version of the VLE. This has involved countless hours of designing, creating, reviewing, and testing to ensure that the e-learning platform was capable of hosting pioneering courses over the 6 learning areas! 

We released regular updates to keep everyone informed of our progress. Through these updates, we gained much interest and some people even reached out to help the project! Due to the enormous nature of the task at hand, there were many delays and obstacles, but the team remained resilient throughout. 

As such, with over a year gone by since the initial fundraiser, we are now extensively testing the VLE. We have begun this process by hosting a small number of KS1/4 tuition lessons and we will use the student’s valuable feedback to make the platform even better. 

We are also in the midst of developing revolutionary supplementary materials for the Gurbani Santhia Basics course. We have primarily worked on Module 1 with the production phases completed for 2 of 3 units! We are very excited to be implementing thought out teaching methods intertwined with an intuitive interface to provide a world class education for Gurmukhi.  We are hoping to release information from this Module to show the community the hard work that has been going on in the background! With the launch of this course, students across the nation, and eventually world, will be able to enrol in the course, engage in learning, and be able to read Gurmukhi.

“It’s our firm belief that the blend of physical and virtual learning is the most effective way to learn and teach going forwards”

We have now reached the stage where we have stretched the initial funds as far as we can. Naturally, there was differences in what we wished to spend the money on: for example, our teacher costs were minimal as classes were on pause, but we allocated the money to teaching resources. Ultimately, we have surpassed expectations, and we are now ready to start fundraising again to take this project to the next level!

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