Are you a talented student?
Do you see the need to ensure people receive a fair and supportive education where a huge disparity in knowledge occurs?
Can you be a part of the solution and join our network of KS1-4 tutors?


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A wide part of society is held back because of the disparity in education, not least because of the new pandemic that has set students even further back. To provide tuition to someone at affordable prices, is providing a family with a golden ticket, and this is a service that will last for generations and impact society bottom up. The fruit of that student learning and achieving is also designated to you for the massive role you will play in their learning. Give back the thanks you owe to your own teachers by becoming role models yourself, preparing future generations worldwide.

Adopt a flexible opportunity which will work around the time you have free and are able to commit to ensure that you are dedicated to the service of teaching. Whether you are studying, and you need extra income or simply believe in the vision and want to offer your service; there is an option to be voluntary or for monetary remuneration, so whatever the circumstance the academy is willing to accommodate!

Gain new skills in the information age we are entering. Delivering online tuition, a world where online meetings and presentations is the new norm will teach you how to engage with students from a diverse range of backgrounds, an invaluable skill moving forward in this new era., one can always solidify their knowledge of Raag. Using the academies resources, you will also be able to brush up on your own knowledge that has been locked away for many years. Be a part of an amazing platform and network which will provide support and guidance to produce the best results for students and its teachers. Use this service to learn about your community and help shape it for the future!


Depending on what you enrol yourself into, you have an opportunity to be tutored against the national curriculum. This means that tuition lessons will follow the structure of national curriculum whilst tailoring lessons to specific weaknesses you may have. We cover maths and English ks1-4 and science (biology, chemistry and physics) ks3-4.

Using our revolutionary new platform, we will ensure those who enrol into tuition receive the best tailored help possible – replicating and bettering the physical experience. This means for subjects you will have access to a wide range of preparatory videos which you will be assigned to watch before lesson starts. You also receive live lessons where a teacher will guide you through the learning objectives using the engaging technology, we have intertwined into the learning platform. There will be interactive activities and homework’s throughout the tuition experience so that your tutor will be able to monitor your progress and ensure the best support is available.

You will of course need an internet access. Tuition works best on a computer or tablet however, if this is not possible a smart phone is sufficient. You will need ordinary materials like pen and paper but mostly everything will be done online and therefore all materials used will be provided by the academy.

You can enrol for as many hours a week however we recommend a maximum of three hours. This will give your child enough time for all three subjects whilst enough time to engage outside of lesson with homework’s and preparatory videos. The guided time is one hour per subject. Your unique user dashboard will provide intuitive directions as to what work needs to be completed by when and when your lessons are.

You can opt in for 1-1 tuition however, we have seen that 3-1 is also just as effective and allows students to rattle of each other, boosting confidence, replicating small classroom settings and taking advantage of peer learning. The 1-1 price plan is ____ the 3:1 price plan is_____

As we have seen in the pandemic, online schooling has caught up massively with physical learning. The facilities available are endless and all things required have been configured into this platform. For a tuition setting, many people are more comfortable learning from their own homes as well providing an efficient way of learning. This model of online learning is now being used in schools and tuition company’s widely and has a very high percentage of satisfaction rates.

Click the enrol now button to register for the course. Explore the dashboard and follow any intuitive step by step guide requested. You will also receive an admissions pack in the post which confirms your registration. Always remember the P6 tech team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have during your process! Good luck and happy learning!

*remember, we are here to support you all the way*

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