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As per the traditions of the Guru, to teach Raag Vidya is a huge Seva furthering the great teachings of the Guru. One of the greatest gifts the Guru bestowed upon us is their teachings on how to sing the praises of Waheguru. The instruments, vocals and rhythms used culminate in an invigorating feeling of gratitude and love towards the Guru. Teachers enable the glory of Kirtan to proliferate allowing students all around the world access to this amazing discipline. Give back the thanks you owe to your own Ustaads, by becoming role models yourself, working in the true service of the ultimate SatGuru.

Having the opportunity to sit in the comfort of your own home & teach students worldwide the teachings of the Guru, is a truly unique situation. You will be able to connect through the online platform with students all over the world utilising a curriculum for teaching.

Nobody ever becomes completely learned in Sikhi however having the ability to interact with students can solidify & further your own knowledge in Sikhi. P6 Academy wants to create a micro-economy for Raag teachers where they can earn a living from this glorious work. For individuals who have spent years learning and have a desire to pass this on, we want to provide an opportunity for them to earn a living wage. Therefore, this is a paid opportunity however the academy can also accommodate more flexible opportunities for Sevadaars.

How to get started

You will teach online on the Virtual Learning Environment. Our central administrators will assign students to you based on your availabilities and this will build your timetable with allocated time slots for lessons. Using a username and password, which will be provided to you, you will be able to login to the portal at lesson times and connect to the student. Using the mic and camera on your device, you will be able to deliver the lesson via Google Classroom.

You can begin by filling out the application form found on this page. Once we have received your form, we will contact you to arrange an online interview. If that’s successful, we will run background checks such as DBS. Once all of this is done and passed, you will be allocated students and can begin your journey!

You will need either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with a WIFI connection, webcam and mic. It is important for you to have any other resources you may want to use such as the musical instrument you are teaching.

We offer paid and voluntary positions for teachers. This means if you are looking to dedicate your time to Raag and use this is a primary source of income, we will aim to pay a living wage. Otherwise, you can embark on this completely Nishkam and entirely for the passion to teach and preserve Raag. You can also opt to be reimbursed for any costs incurred I.e., instruments.

All types of training, course specific and beyond will be facilitated by the academy to aid teaching via the VLE.

Raag Vidya Application Form

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