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A wide part of society is held back because of the disparity in education, not least because of the new pandemic that has set students even further back. To provide tuition at affordable prices, is providing a student the opportunity to make a living, impacting society bottom up. If you have been through the process of national curriculum learning yourself, you will know the impact of tuition on academic attainment.

Adopt a flexible timetable allowing you to fit tutoring into your evenings, weekends or weekdays. P6 Academy provides all tutoring resources with the only requirement of the tutor to deliver the curriculum. Whether you are studying, working as a teacher or simply believe in the vision and want to offer your service, there is an option that accommodates you!

Delivering online tuition in the comfort of your own home, engaging with students from a diverse range of backgrounds, enables great benefits for tutors. You will be able to connect through the online platform with students all over the country utilising a curriculum for teaching. This allows a fantastic opportunity for tutors to enhance their interpersonal skills as well as bolstering CV’S/Personal Statements. Be a part of a platform and network of tutors that will provide you with support and guidance to produce the best results for both students and teachers.

How to get started

If you have learnt the UK national curriculum previously, this may be an opportunity for you. You must have an A at A Level in the subject that you wish to tutor in or be attending a Russel Group University. Opportunities are available outside of these entry requirements so if you are unsure of your eligibility, you can contact us at tuition@p6academy.co.uk.

You will teach online on the Virtual Learning Environment. Our central administrators will assign students to you based on your availabilities and this will build your timetable with allocated time slots for lessons. Using a username and password, which will be provided to you, you will be able to login to the portal at lesson times and connect to the student. Using the mic and camera on your device, you will be able to deliver the lesson via Google Classroom.

You can begin by filling out the application form found on this page. Once we have received your form, we will contact you to arrange an online interview. If that’s successful, we will run background checks such as DBS. Once all of this is done and passed, you will be allocated students and can begin your journey!

Lessons are either 3:1 or 1:1 with a minimum of 1hr per lesson. Depending on the student you are teaching, you will know the level each student is at, and this will form the content of the lesson. There is a learning scheme which guides on the elements that need to be taught for the individual lesson the student attends. All worksheets and resources will be provided for you - all you need to do is apply and deliver the knowledge!

Depending on the level of tuition undertaken, KS1-4, and subject area, Maths, English or Science, you will have access to resource material for each lesson. For example, if a student was beginning their first KS3 Maths tuition lesson, you will have access to the specific worksheets/resources for that lesson. You just have to deliver this worksheet/resource via Google Classroom which will be accessible through the VLE. Any homework/assignments can be assigned via Google Classroom with the ability for you to monitor progress.

You will need either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with a WIFI connection, webcam and mic. It is important for you to have any other resources you may want to use such as a notepad, however, most tools for learning will be provided by the academy I.e., worksheets/PDF’s that can be shared on-screen via Google Classroom.

During lessons, it's your responsibility to identify weaknesses and support the student. Outside of lessons, students will have access to any relevant documents/PDFs. Assignments will also be used to aid you in understanding the level of each individual student. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to highlight students that are not engaging, welfare issues or anything else that needs to be mentioned.

We offer paid and voluntary positions for teachers. This means if you are looking to dedicate your time to tutoring and use this as a source of income, we will pay you per hour. Otherwise, you can embark on this entirely for the passion to teach and enhance future generations. You can also opt to be reimbursed for any costs incurred I.e., equipment.

You dedicate how many hours you want to tutor. Each lesson is 1 hour and thus the number of lessons you undertake will dictate how many hours you will be spending in lessons each week. The key benefit to tutoring with P6 Academy is that there is very little preparation for you to do as all necessary resources for lessons are provided for you – you just need to deliver it!

All types of training, course specific and beyond will be facilitated by the academy to aid teaching via the VLE.

KS1-4 Tutoring Application Form

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