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Level: Beginner


The mind can dictate whether we live a fulfilling life or not. We are taught by the Guru that the mind is the most powerful resource an individual can possess. The truth is a clouded mind can never make clear decisions. As such, these courses will host resources, workshops, seminars, and lessons about how to deal with mental and emotional health issues as well as promoting mindfulness. We appreciate the sensitivity and importance of expertise in these areas and therefore we only want to work with professionals.

This course and associated resources are yet to be developed and are displayed to show the vision. If you are qualified, experienced, or just simply passionate, please contact us here. If you would like to develop a learning resource for the community or already have learning resources developed and wish to host them on the VLE, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to work with like-minded individuals within the community to progress collectively.


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